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Nov 2019

E.C. Pol Archtop:
Built in the Benedetto style.  Solid carved Spruce top, highly figured carved maple back and sides w/case - USED  Photos: Body Close Up Back Side Headstock   $3200




EVH - Eddie Van Halen:


Frankenstein Replica with travel case Photos:  Body Back Pickup Wiring Headstock $22,000





Fender Custom Shop:


1969 Blackmore Tribute Stratocaster w/case, Light Relic LTD Photos:  Body1 Body2 Back Headstock Headstock Back $6400

La Cabronita "Boracha" Reverse Jazzmaster LTD  w/case (30 made), light ash body.  Large C neck, 9.5 radius, 6105 frets, TV Jones pickup with grease bucket wiring Photos $4700
Masterbuilt 1960s (Dale Wilson) Mahogany Telecaster w/P-90 and BG1400 w/case Photos:  Body1 Body2 Back Headstock Headstock Back $6000

SRV Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny, with travel case (1 of 5 in Canada) Photos:  Body1 Body2 Back Case Headstock  Headstock Back $19,000




American Vintage Reissue Series:


1965 Jaguar RW w/case, Candy Apple Red Photos $2350




American Cabronita Telecaster w/case, 2 Tone Sunburst Photos $1900
American Cabronita Telecaster w/case, Black Photos $1900 




Gibson Custom - SIGNATURE MODELS:  



Eric Clapton ES-335 w/case - A Stunning Replica of Eric's 1964 Gibson ES-335 right down to the stamp on the back of the headstock by George Harrison.  A Truly wonderful guitar (250 Made)  Photos:  Body Back Label Cert Headstock Headstock Back  Case Case #2  $15,000
Jeff Beck Signed, Aged 1954 Ox Blood Les Paul w/case, "Inspired by Series" (#20 of 50)  Photos:  Body Back  Headstock Signature Headstock   $23,000
Jimi Hendrix Flying V w/case, Hand Painted "Inspired by Series" (250 made)  Photos: Body Headstock Headstock Back $9250
John Lennon Les Paul Jr.  w/case (only 300 made), Faded Cherry  Photos:  Body Headstock  $5200
Kirk Hammett Signed Aged Flying V w/case Photos:  Body1 Body2 Back Headstock Headstock Back $7000
Marc Bolan Les Paul Aged w/case Photos $8080
Robbie Krieger SG w/case, VOS "Inspired by Series" (only 100 made)  Photos: Body Case Back Headstock Headstock Back $6000






  • Les Paul Studio Swirl w/case, Gold/Blue Photos $1600



  • Gretsch:

  • 6120 Masterbuilt w/case.  One of a kind artwork by Kore Flatmo.  One of a few guitars he has done (only 3 total).  Masterbuilt by Steven Stern with TV Jones pickups and Cadillac Tailpiece.  Photos:  Body#1 Body#2 Back Certificate Headstock Headstock Back $11,250

Eddie Cochran Tribute G6120 - Limited Edition, Masterbuilt in U.S.A. w/case Photos:  Body1 Body2 Pack FHole Back Headstock Headstock Back $12,000


G52422 Electromatic Hollowbody w/case, White & Pinstripes Photos $1350


  • George Harrison Duo Jet G6128-GH - only 60 made, Steven Stern Masterbuilt w/case Photos:  Body1 Body2 Back Headstock Headstock Back $20,000

    • Hofner:

    • Jazzica Custom Sunburst, German Made w/case Photos $3600

    • New President, German Archtop, Vintage Sunburst  w/case  Photos $3900

    • Very Thin Classical, German Made w/case Photos $3000

    • Vice President w/case  Photos $3000


    • National:

    • Westwood 75 w/chipboard case - 1962 - USED Photos: Body Back Headstock  $2200




    • CE-22, Lime Green Metallic w/case, Floor model  Photos:  Body Headstock $2730

    • McCarty, Soapbar Korina, Brazilian board w/case  Photos $3300

    • Private Stock McCarty Left Handed  Copper Head finish, Brazilian Fingerboard, pickup rings, and tuner buttons, Gold outlined birds and eagle, w/suede case - USED  Photos   Body#2 Back  Headstock Headstock Back  $7500
      Singlecut Artist w/deluxe case, Cherryburst - USED Photos $3200







    • Gibson - Les Paul Standard 2008 w/case, Cherry Sunburst  Photos $3150

    PRS - Custom 22 w/case, BlueBurst Photos $3500



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